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About Us

The Queen “Mamohato Memorial Hospital opened its doors 1 October 2011. The 425 bed hospital functions as a national referral hospital for Lesotho and a district hospital for the greater Maseru, and the nation’s major clinical teaching site for healthcare professionals. The hospital offers a wide range of services and prides itself in being the leader in professional and skills development of healthcare personnel in the country.
To provide comprehensive quality healthcare to the people in Lesotho
We strive to provide accessible, affordable, appropriate healthcare services facilitating a healthy community.
Our core value is care. We care about the dignity of our patients and all members of the Ts'epong family. We care about the participation of our people and our partners in everything we do. We care about truth in all our actions. We are passionate about quality care and professional excellence.
  • Care - The basis of our business. The professional, ethical patient care and services we offer at every level of the organisation.
  • Truth - The crucial element in building relationships that work. Open communication with honesty and integrity is essential.
  • Dignity - The creative, passionate and innovative drive to do things better than before - to develop and implement successful healthcare solutions for all.
  • Participation - The willingness and desire to work in productive and creative partnerships with others and the commitment to communicate.
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    Help Desk

    The hospital can be contacted anytime of the day and night on the following numbers
    Tel:  +266 2222 0000
            +266 2222 0300

    Visiting Hours


    • Mid-Morning

      11H00 - 12H00
    • Afternoon

      16H00 - 17H00
    • Evening

      19H00 - 20H00

    No Children under the age of 12 are allowed inside the wards due to infection control principles

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